University of Yangon
Department of English (Ph.D Thesis)

Roll No. Name Year Titles
1 Ma Khin Mar Wai November, 2006 A Comparative Study of Khin Myo Chit’s and Catherine Lim’s Literary Styles
2 Mg Kyi Shwin November, 2006 The use of multimedia in online English language teaching: new encounters in a new environment
3 Mg Zaw Myint November, 2006 A contrastive analysis English and Myanmar verb systems
4 Ma Lwin Lwin Soe November, 2006 A comparatives study of gender difference in the English and Myanmar language , focusing on conversations.
5 Ma Htay Htay Win November, 2006 Myanmar women through the eyes of two British writers: Maurice Collis and George Orwell.
6 Ma May San Yee November, 2006 A study of classroom discourse focusing on Myanmar-English code-mixing and code-switching in the post-graduate classes at the University of Yangon
7 Ma Myint Myint Khine November, 2006 A study of written scientific discourse of medical textbooks prescribed in Myanmar.
8 Ma Thanda Soe November, 2006 A comparative study of cohesion in English and Myanmar written texts.
9 Ma Thida Htun November, 2006 Stylistic analysis of the literary works of Somerset Maugham with focus on his prose style in his five short stories
10 Ma Poe Poe May, 2007 Developing EFL learners’ listening skills by raising consciousness of the features of authentic listening input and the listening process
11 Ma Thida Aye May, 2007 A Comparison of the works of Emily Dickinson (USA) (1830-1886) And Kyi Aye (Myanmar) (1929- )
12 Ma Aye Aye Khine May, 2007 Discovering the roots of Pride and Prejudice in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” using pragmatics
13 Ma Hla Myat Thu May, 2007 A comparative study of negative politeness phenomena for request expressions in English and Myanmar.
14 Ma Ohnmar Tin May, 2007 An investigation into the academic writing (in English) of Ph.D. thesis of arts disciplines at Yangon University (2002-2004).
15 Ma Wai Wai Nyunt December, 2008 A stylistic analysis of stream of consciousness with focus on Woolf’s to the Lighthouse.
16 Mg Sann Myint May, 2008 Sociopragmatic transfer in the interactions by native Myanmar people using English
17 Ma Khaing Phyu Htut May, 2009 An analysis of new English in Chinua Achebe’s the African trilogy
18 Ma Kyi Chan Nyein May, 2010 An analytical study of the achievements of Myanmar tertiary level students in the use of English prepositions
19 Ma Khin Nantha Oo May, 2010 A study of mother tongue interference in the English essays by Myanmar graduates
20 Ma Yi Yi Maw November, 2010 A comparative study of the structures of English and Myanmar conversations
21 Ma Yin Yin Aye May, 2011 The significance of sociocultural factors in developing communicative skills of English specialization studentss
22 Ma Aye Moe Moe May, 2012 An investigation of the comprehension of literary texts by Myanmar tertiary levels students
23 Mg Myat Soe May, 2012 A study of the achievements made by Myanmar tertiary level students in the use of lexical collocations in English.
24 Ma Ni Ni Aung May, 2013 A study of Grade XI English Texts from 1960 to 2010
25 Mg Kyaw San Win May, 2013 A discourse analysis of the abstracts of research papers from the journals of the Myanmar academy of arts and science
26 Ma Khin Khin Aye May, 2013 A study of English coursebook for developing English language proficiency in the institutes
27 Ma Toe Su Hlaing May, 2014 A study of translation procedures used in translating the Myanmar Novel, “MONE YWEI MA HU” into English
28 Ma Nyo Nyo Lwin May, 2014 A study of themes and thematic patterns in the articles from “The Myanmar Times”
29 Ma Yin Myat Phyu Win May, 2016 A comparative study of English and Myanmar quantifiers
30 Ma Su Khine Oo May, 2017 A study of the use of parallelism in the novel “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens
31 Ma Khin Khin Yone May, 2018 A study on the coverage of cognitive process levels developed and knowledge types demanded in the course books Straightforwards
32 Ma Suu Suu Yin May, 2018 A study of the socio-pragmatic knowledge of fourth year non-English specialization students
33 Ma Lwin Lwin Hla Pe May, 2019 A study of presenting factual information and persuading text types in IELTS writing tasks from the perspective of functional grammar
34 Ma Mi Mi Khine May, 2020 A Study of Politeness Strategies in Opening Speeches Delivered by ASEAN Leaders at ASEAN Summits